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Here you can learn: 

  • Where to Play Pickleball in Missoula

  • Free vs. Paid Options

  • How to find others to play with

  • How to learn your skill rating

  • Other resources on the web

  • For official rules, click here



Looking to play? We've got you covered. 


Fort Missoula Park - Fort Missoula Road, just past Ronald McDonald House. 

Open from mid-March (weather permitting) - October 31.  Courts are usually open for free play, but during the summertime, Missoula Parks and Rec uses them for "Facilitated Play" where paddles are made available. 


Bonner Park

You'll find two tennis courts with new pickleball lines in place.  There will be nets available that are provided by Missoula Parks and Rec

MRL Railway Park (Near Southgate Mall)

You'll find two courts with nets here. Corner of South and Johnson. 



Peak Health and Fitness - Blue Mountain

YMCA - South Russell St.

Did we miss anything? Let us know via the contact form.


Looking for someone to play with? There are several options. 

1. Come out during popular times and just join in. Most folks are inviting and are happy to let you work into the rotation. After work M-F and weekends are popular times at Fort Missoula. 

2. Join our  Facebook Page and see what plans are being made.

2. Check out this Missoula Pickleball Facebook Page (not affiliated with our club). 

Learn your level

We hope to someday offer Skill Level Rating Evaluation as a benefit of membership. In the meantime, this video may help.  For further information and options for rating, go to information on self-rating, DUPR, or the USA pickleball association.

Other nearby clubs

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