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The Purpose of 406 Pickleball Missoula is: 

a. To bring pickleball players together for social and competitive play.

b. To organize and promote pickleball tournaments for competition (sanctioned and intramural).

c. To grow organized recreational play in and around the Missoula area.

d. To teach new players interested in learning the sport and refine the knowledge and skill of experienced players.

e. To advocate for pickleball with local government and business leaders.

f. To give pickleball players a voice.

g. To develop qualified and certified referees.

h. To engage in any other lawful activity



We have formed as a corporation with the following board members as voted on by the pickleball community of Missoula and surrounding areas:

President:              Shane A. Vannatta

President Elect:     Jim Bachand

Secretary:              Sheila Mealey

Treasurer:              Cindy Kelly

Board Member 1: Chris Jones

Board Member 2: (OPEN)

Board Member 3: Sheila Mealey

Board Member 4: Brian Fortmann

Board Member 5: Chantil Breen

Board Member 6: (OPEN)


     Missoula Parks & Rec: Brien Halterman

      Peak Blue Mountain: Joe Fraser


We welcome anyone to view our Bylaws and Organizational Actions

Meeting Minutes

History of Pickleball

Pickleball was invented in 1965 on Bainbridge Island, WA. 

To learn more, visit this Wikipedia article.

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